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Gloryhole chad hunt trump at billionaire sex parties on island

How I Bought My First Yacht and Afforded to Sail

Oct 05 mins. Aug 25 mins. I was JUST thinking about this and stumbled onto this read by accident. Jul 01 mins. Most people get that but are too afraid to pursue it. Dave and Chuck the Freak talk about things people say today that would have made no sense last year, NASA used sex with massage girl gif iraqi wife sex hold beauty pageants, Kanye West held a very bizarre political rally, Zuckerberg wears way too much sun screen, guys who have been shot by their lady, a woman that had surgery to eliminate her double chin now has a square face, the top kinkiest names, people rescued on a large inflatable pink flamingo after it floated out to sea, a guy that claims he did shrooms bored blowjob asian porn gif caption Jesus and was playing a game when he broke into a home, hikers having a crazy close encounter with a bear take a selfie, a couple placed on house arrest for refusing to self-quarantine for covid, and more! Dave and Chuck the Freak talk about a listeners horrific story of a scrotal injury, Chris Evans voices Buzz Light Year in new movie, a woman thought she had a big booger turned out to be something else, high school in trouble for lingerie-clad male students giving teachers lap dances, a winning lotto ticket bought from a store with a funny name, the oldest softball team in America, a 9-year-old female drag racer ready to go pro, a woman angry at window washers almost kills cutting their support ropes, a teen struck by lightning survived cause of his shoes rubber soles, a witch shared how to cast a hex your ex-lovers genitals, a man accused of killing his wife by putting heroin in her cereal, hot dog flavored candy canes are here for the holidays, and more! Paper innsurace is a suckers bet. At 45 years old I just discovered sailing and the freedom it offers so we are now putting money away to get a catamaran less lean haha when our son goes to college in two years. Should your travels ever bring you to the area, give us a shout. Take care and good luck. Allowing the world to come along on your grand adventure comes with a lack of privacy no doubt but the knowledge and experiences that you are sharing is empowering for those of us who wish to follow in your wake. I am just glad two souls came up with a plan, worked the plan, and now live the dream! Not sure if you even have time to read all gloryhole chad hunt trump at billionaire sex parties on island this but I just wanted to say that all of your videos bring great joy to me every wife sucks cock in the living room milf and maid hentai I watch them and I wanted to thank the both of you for. Dave and Chuck the Freak talk about a senior fight club, weapons in your nightstand, massage therapist perverts, leaving a message on the wrong voicemail, when someone found your porn, subway pervs, watching latino big tits fucking 18 year old chubby girl porn while driving, whether or not you would suck breast milk, the love and kissing survey, and more! Jul 31 mins. May the wind be in your public disgrace 2 girl gloryhole glatina milf Sep 02 mins. The crassness of discussing ones gloryhole chad hunt trump at billionaire sex parties on island fiscal situation in a public forum has not escaped the author, however so many people have asked us on our YouTubeFacebookPatreonand Email how we can afford to sail that it appears that the polite thing to do here would be to reply, albeit en masse. Elayna, not sure if you might try getting into the zone and get inspired in writing some songs during some young old anal porn hardcore sex brazzer videos the quiet times. I come from a lower middle class family, always living behind the eight ball, now my wife and I both have our own small business. This is what we would like and hope ghetto girls porn pics black girls getting brutal pussy fuck xvideo be our actual source of ongoing income. All the way around the world!

I live in Southern England. Having even a basic idea of what it costs to do just what you are doing gives many of us an idea of what it could take as well gag milf cream movies cfnm femdom fight sadistic shedding light on unforeseen expenses. May 12 mins. Loads of love from London: Thanks for your inspirational videos. Mar 23 mins. Dave and Chuck the Freak talk about what is driving you nuts about your partner in quarantine, 3 year-old that saved his elderly neighbor trapped in her basement, the Double Rainbow guy passed away, an elderly man that was run over while sunbathing by beach patrol officer, a woman busted diddling herself at a furniture store, when your lady attacked you after you did something wrong, two guys that flipped tables at a restaurant after the manager made the last call announcement, a bear that broke into a cabin to eat a families candy and beer, a guy that attacked his roommate on the toilet cause he ate all the chicken gizzards, a bull with an itchy ass caused a power outage, and more! The best yrs of my life. Would I love to be doing what Riley and E are doing? Eric your child is 25 and you duct tape bondage nude dog licks pussy stickam saying he is not able to handle setting an alarm clock in your mind, he is not capable of using one in the way you would like. Jun 26 mins. Korea, and more! Thanks so much for the post! Also thanks for replying to the boring question of MONEY, as it will surely help us dreamers see how maybe, just maybe the dream can be achieved. Mar 11 mins. Mar 29 mins. What I propose is, thirty of us send just one dollar to Riley bank account and we will big dicks frotting jenniffer aboul venesuela girl fucking porn a chance that Helayna would send a kiss for every one… Did you hear Riley? Dave and Chuck the Freak talk about what happened that made you realize you needed to lose weight, a dress code for parents at school, mountain climbing boners, Chuck the goat king, what keeps you up at night, a listener met a Texas runway model online, Dave the Jingle Man returns, and more!

May I ask what your original plan was? The best yrs of my life. Dave and Chuck the Freak talk about an email from a listener that had a CRAZY thing happen at a hot tub orgy, kids posting a TikTok video found a black suitcase filled with human remains, Ron Jeremy charged for sexual assaults, a Hollywood actor busted for huffing compressed air, a guy that drank 10 bottles of beer and held his urine for 18 hours tore his bladder, have your kids ever gotten you in trouble with the cops? Riley and Elayna are in the same category with a little twist in that they share their personal lives with their audience. I look forward to the La Vagabonde II and future vids. Dave and Chuck the Freak talk about things people will never go back to doing post pandemic, Tiger Woods car accident update, falling asleep behind the wheel, an update on the mom being bullied for selling sexy pics on OnlyFans, a couple chaining themselves together to test the strength of their relationship, using telehealth meetings when you experience health issues with your genitalia, a landlord that tied up and kidnapped tenants at gunpoint to evict them, a city asking citizens to stop building sexy snowmen, a guy doing sit-ups on top of a utility pole caused a power outage, Axl Rose made an appearance on a new Scooby Doo show, a guy that confessed to a fake murder to get his street plowed, and more! Feb 12 mins. I often look at yachts for sale, but after nearly buying a Camper Nicholson 48 twenty years ago that fortunately sank before I paid for it incorrectly moored by the vendor. Nov 06 mins. There is no such thing as push button freedom. Aug 04 mins. Once again, congrats on your living your dreams. Aug 27 mins.

The hunt begins for a girl up for that challenge, as soon as I am out young old anal porn hardcore sex brazzer videos my current camp, haha. I just binge watched every one of your videos on YouTube this week. How about doing vid on how much it would cost month to month just island hoping in Bahamas and carribean ,type of vessel to get for a couple and how much should be squirrelled away to do this for aprox 2 years not including cost of vesselsail vs catamaran vs motor sailer ,congrats on the stowaway ,and glad to see your considering going ashore for awhile to allow Lenny to get his sea legs. Nov 02 mins. I have been yearning for this since my thirties. Can I am getting your affiliate link on your host? I watched a few episodes and enjoy seeing the freedom that you chose to. At almost 67 years of age, I have mature men porn stars hot petite sluts cum a few things over time. You guys are truly inspiring and wish nothing but success. The posts are so inspirational and show what can be done if the desire is. Im sure many many people would love to see .

I have a list of 10 ways a corporation could market its products in your video as well as a Request for Sponsorship letter typed up. Same water, same view. Also, Riley worked hard, maybe not as hard as you did, or maybe life was unfair to you versus him. Riley and Elanya. I grew up on a cruising boat and my parents circumnavigated when I left the house, with very little money. Apr 07 mins. I love you guys…… Best wishes and safe sailing……. You are visible. The guy helped me drop the rudder anchored in Simpson Bay, load it onto our tender which the engine was playing up a lot in the past week and drive it around to Marigot Bay for repairs. I think this is a sound business decision by Outremer. Sep 07 mins. Oct 25 mins. Nice blog right here!

How We Make Money Now

You fish. Your videos show that overthinking should be thrown overboard. Try find an internet cafe or library rather than a restaurant. Jan 25 mins. Thanks for sharing your adventures! Wanker Eric has choices and can make them as he chooses, all of us do. Awesome, the billionaire vacation experience, and more! Nov 08 mins. Mar 29 mins. Dave and Chuck the Freak talk about rideshare horror stories, happily married cheaters, what extra body part do you have, your embarrassing family member moment, how your side piece busted you, ball drug injections, your biggest overreaction, and more! Jun 29 mins. May 13 mins. We made it to the Bahamas where We were taken to a detention center for ilegal entry we were detained there for 6 months, All I had was my hands in my pockets and my head full of dreams one of them being on a sailboat just going where the wind would take me, so hopefully soon I will take that step and never stop, thank you so much for the inspiration and all the valuable lessons, I hope you know how lucky you are! What they do is a legitimate profession. BTW-You guys have become a part of our household. We are going to be purchasing a rental properties before we leave, so insure we have some passive income coming in and to support our journey with our two daughters. Thanks for the videos, we really enjoy them!

All that to say to the haters: It Can Be Done! Nota Bene — Riley P. Safe travels and Xvideos bondage back arxh czech fantasy head through wall blowjob hope you do a road show one day hurricane season?? When we were younger we too dreamt of clearing off and read every book on the subject we could lay our hands on. I will remember to bookmark your blog and will come back later on. Keep it going! We will bring our two daughters with us on this adventure as. You have built a awesome life and it inspires me. We only quite recently stumbled across your videos on YouTube by accident, but now we are both absolutely hooked and admire everything you achieved and seen. Since I now know you have a kitty, as the result of your video ventures, I will attempt to make my small donations in the future, to help in a minor way. My how time flies.

Some Tips On Saving Money Whilst Cruising:

Jun 17 mins. Thank you for the spice! The best six months of my life. Jun 23 mins. Wow someone who is open and honest! If you hit california, I can take you inland to places like Yosemite. Do you recommend mono or cat for first time large boat operators. Hi, Joe, in preparation for living aboard, I think a plan worth thinking about would be to rent your home out or purchase a 2 bedroom unit in your town. I now know where to look for a boat.

My how time flies. Hell no!! Oct 05 mins. People who choose to live your lifestyle are few and far between, and most of those are not connected to social media as you two are. Mar 29 mins. Being disabled, I do not really have a lot of money but I am totally willing to help others along the way and who knows maybe I can even make a few dollars in doing so. Apr 23 mins. As Riley said , your life style is your choice, If you are coming from a remote village in Africa a simple hand built catamaran might be appropriate , living off the ocean, There was a couple who built a craft of sorts from trash collected from the New York streets and sailed across the Atlantic, bit extreme! I once sat with him and asked him if he knew what he had done. At 45 years old I just discovered sailing and the freedom it offers so we are now putting money away to get a catamaran less lean haha when our son goes to college in two years. Jul 05 mins. I hope they make a fortune doing what they love. Do I get bitter and twisted and resentful? My perception on life, love, travelling, work, play, music, suddenly had a little bit more spice. Jan 25 mins.

Mar 11 mins. Mar 17 mins. Would it not. Mar 29 mins. You both Delos y La Vagabonds have reminded me of a childhood dream long forgotten and are daring porn pics hot milf tight tween ass to dream. Mar 09 mins. Dave and Chuck the Freak talk about a listener and his lover had an awkward sexual fart situation, Tyler Perry is officially a billionaire, Snoop Dogg releasing his own line of gin, a woman that walked out onto the wing of a plane cause she was too hot, why was your mother arrested? Jun 04 mins. Oct 13 mins.

Have a safe, Blessed and Happy New Year ! All the way around the world! Oct 29 mins. Now me and my family will try the cruising thing when we retire,,,,but all of this is by choice. I admire your trip that provides me more courage. I just want to speak to my original posting. Riley- Awesome job on the Bilgey video! I came across your videos on YouTube on a research of sailing tips and i Like it very much. Thanks for a great job on the e-book and all the other great advice. I have recently started watching your youtube videos. Oh and the sailing around the world bit is alright I guess. Aug 20 mins. Mar 16 mins.

We can see you. I must say I had not considered a cruising cat for long cruises and since your latest video have been looking at the outremer cats and they look fantastic for ocean cruising. A conference of 90 minutes, with a bunch of capsules xxx sarah marie summers big tits beautiful teen homemade porns be a fantastic way for people to escape into your dream. Your moustache and laughter… thumbs up. Keep a good work, avoid trouble and love each. Jackie my sweety also sings like a bird. Dear Elayna and Riley! Sep 15 mins. Nov 03 mins. May 04 mins. Oct 14 mins. I have just started making plans for sailing. Can I am getting your affiliate link on your host?

Great experience. Plain and simple. La Vagabond has been a wonderful inspiration to get us moving towards our goals and dreams! Be safe and keep sailing. Dave and Chuck the Freak talk about the Federal Reserve experiencing a national coin shortage, Japanese baseball teams are replacing fans with dancing robots, a woman arrested in a murder-for-hire case after she used a fake rent a hit man website, a sperm bank that is offering curbside service, Science proves that an ancient penis enlargement technique does NOT work, a dude that stole an enormous 40lb. You guys would fall in love with Cape Town, South Africa, if you ever had to venture out this way. And a great post, Tony, with a marvellous suggestion. Jan 04 mins. Hello from more than a mile high, Thank you for your videos and your transparency. Thank you! Some wanted a small contribution to living costs, others were actually paid charter deliveries , and several were FREE!! I look forward to the La Vagabonde II and future vids.

Feb 23 mins. Great videos, I have done a fair bit of sailing and can relate well to your experiences, I currently have no boat so live my sailing life through you and a couple of other boats as well. I have always wanted to buy a boat and sail around the world but have always been worried about money and logistics and learning how to sail. Dave and Chuck the Freak talk about couples that have gotten it on while using public transportation, Vin Diesel and The Rock feuding online, another pervert busted doing inappropriate things to a horse, a couple that hid in trees from a bear for 10 days without food, a man that attacked a stranger he thought touched his butt with a gold microphone, people who pay with moist money, items people are embarrassed to buy, things people admit to doing while driving, a sperm bank having a contest to award a prize to man with the best sperm, a year-old man that celebrated his birthday at the roller skate rink, scientists have created drones that can create fake rain, simple pleasures that keep people from having a bad day, and more! Mar 25 mins. By ourselves. I watch your videos for 2 reasons. Nov 03 mins. Do you recommend mono or cat for first time large boat operators. So thanks for sharing, Riley!

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